Über mich

From 1987-1993 studied visual communication at the Dortmund University of Applied Sciences.
1990 Visiting student at the University of Graphics and Book Arts, Leipzig

Since 1993, freelance work as a photographer in the field and on the fringes of documentary.

The focus of my artistic and image archaeological practice since 2006 has been the research, processing and re-contextualization of commercial photographic image collections from public archives. The original function of these recordings – such as technical photographs for urban development, surveillance or recording recordings of various security forces – has now expired. In my edits, I expose excess images that were not intended at the time of taking the picture and make visible a wealth of symbols that gain in historical and aesthetic relevance with the distance in time. Mostly they are topics from German post-war history. To date, extensive exhibitions and publications have been created on East Berlin in the 1950s, the Berlin Wall, the state security archives and West German left-wing terrorism.